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McMillan LLP Maintains Clients’ Corporate Minute Books with Firmex

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Corporate Minute Books with Firmex: A Case Study from McMillan LLP

As a value-added service for its clients, McMillan maintains and manages access to corporate minute books through Firmex VDR.

McMillan is a business law firm serving public, private and not-for-profit clients across key industries in Canada, the United States and internationally.

In this case study, Janette Nicholson, Manager, Online Content and Collaboration at McMillan LLP discusses how the firm uses using the Firmex Virtual Data Room to manage corporate minute books for its clients, as well as securely share documents relating to M&A, litigation, labour & employment.

Many law firms struggle with locating and securely sharing and storing all necessary documents during the minute book process, which can be labor-intensive. Firmex VDR has provided McMillan with a more effective way to organize and prepare corporate minute books on behalf of their clients.

The response from our clients to using Firmex has been extremely positive. The product is very intuitive to use and once they see how organized their corporate record books can be, they want to use it for everything! Firmex’s 24/7 support is also something our clients feel good about. Janette Nicholson, Manager, Online Content and Collaboration, McMillan LLP

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