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Firmex Helps Kurmann Partners Keep Pharma Clients’ Information Safe

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Based in Basel, Switzerland, Kurmann Partners AG (KP) is a global M&A advisory boutique for mid-market transactions in the pharmaceutical and MedTech industry. Since 1987, KP has closed over 100 transactions.

In this in-depth case study, Dr. Christoph Bieri, Managing Partner, Kurmann Partners discusses the complex Pharma and MedTech market, which is characterized by intense M&A activity. Dr. Bieri also explains how a Firmex Virtual Data Room subscription supports due diligence for Kurmann Partners’ sell-side transactions.

With clients’ sensitive documents and intellectual property at stake, we trust the Firmex virtual data room to keep the information safe and secure. Dr. Christoph Bieri, Managing Partner, Kurmann Partners AG

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