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What REALLY Motivates Your Employees?

Joel LessemJan 22, 2013
A few weeks ago our VP of Engineering asked me, “What unites all of us at Firmex?” All too often you see corporations craft syrupy and bland mission statements about their vision and values, print them on posters and slap …
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The Cultural Iceberg: Why M&A Deal Makers Should Value People Over Spreadsheets

Joel LessemSep 27, 2012
I recently attended a 3 day M&A workshop in San Francisco hosted by the M&A Leadership Council. Also in attendance were the M&A post-merger integration professionals from thirty or so other companies, most of them serial acquirers, such as Intel, Symantec, …
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4 Tips on Closing a Buyer

Joel LessemOct 7, 2011
I have spoken to many entrepreneurs and intermediaries. Some of my peers in my CEO circle who are approached by a potential acquirer, are at times more focused on “what’s in it for me” versus their buyer’s mindset. Bottom line …
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How to Lose a Billion Dollars

Joel LessemAug 4, 2011
One of my favourite books is Billion Dollar Lessons by Paul Carroll and Chunka Mui.  The book is distilled from researching 2,500 significant business failures.  The authors describe:  The extent of the failures was stunning. Since 1981, 423 U.S. companies …
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Top 3 reasons why SaaS is critical in a successful IT strategy

Joel LessemJul 19, 2011
The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model of internet-based software has already transformed the way we manage our personal lives and analysts continue to predict that SaaS will further revolutionize the workplace for several key reasons: Lower total cost of ownership for …
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M&A Deal Value up 39% this year

Joel LessemJun 23, 2011
  M&A activity in the US continued to pick up pace in the first half of 2011 and is expected to pick up steadily during the second half of the year, according to the PwC US Mid-Year M&A Outlook 2011.  …
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The benefits of buy-side business development with an unlimited use data room

Joel LessemMar 31, 2011
A number of our clients are buy-side professionals in corporate development roles with aggressive mandates to grow their business through acquisitions.  Over the last few months I’ve talked to a number of them about their acquisition strategy and why they …
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Deals are like sharks, if they don'€™t keep moving – they die

Joel LessemMar 23, 2011
Yesterday I was having a conversation with a Managing Director from a mid-market investment banking boutique.  He is a former entrepreneur who sold his business to a major multi-national in 1999 and then spent 10 years in corporate development with …
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Pricing per page doesn’€™t make sense for Virtual Data Rooms

Joel LessemMar 4, 2011
Yesterday I was on the phone with an attorney who recently completed a $20m M&A deal, and he commented that the data room he used ending up costing his company $25,000.  I asked him, how did you end up paying …
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What Makes Firmex Virtual Data Room different from generic Online File Sharing?  Process IP.

Joel LessemDec 20, 2010
I get many people asking me how is Firmex different from, SharePoint or other generic file sharing platforms?  Perhaps a recent conversation I had with KKR-ACCEL, a mid-market private equity firm, describes it well.  They look for organizations that …