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Archiving digital signature signed documents in your Firmex VDR couldn't be easier
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Tips & Tricks: Storing E-Signature Documents in Your Firmex VDR Using “Email In”

Ronen SegallMay 4, 2017
Do you use digital signatures in your business? If so, here’s is a fast, easy and automatic way to get those digitally-signed documents into your Firmex Virtual Data Room (VDR) for archiving purposes – with no additional costs or tech-heavy …
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[Video] How to Streamline Environmental Audits with a Virtual Data Room

Ronen SegallApr 24, 2017
For companies in the oil and gas industry, environmental audits are routine. Finding ways to streamline what tends to be a lengthy and onerous audit process can have a big impact on your business. If all the information related to …
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[Video] How a Data Room Supports the In and Out Licensing of Drugs & Devices

Ronen Segall
Whether you’re a small start-up drug company or part of a big pharma conglomerate, there are many benefits to using a virtual data room. In this quick video, we walk through how a Firmex Virtual Data Room (VDR) can help …
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We’ve Launched a New App, Firmex VDR for iPhone and iPad – Review Documents In Your VDR, Anywhere

FirmexJan 9, 2017
We’re excited to announce the launch of our mobile app, Firmex VDR for iPhone and iPad, a new mobile app that extends the capabilities of our existing product, Firmex Virtual Data Room (VDR), to Apple devices. We live in a world …
Market Reports

We Released M&A Fee Survey Results for North American Investment Banking Fee Structures.

FirmexNov 28, 2016
A recent survey of 320 North American financial professionals in the lower mid-market revealed current practices for structuring M&A advisory fees. Firmex, a virtual deal room, and secure online document services provider. Divestopedia, an online M&A industry resource for entrepreneurs …
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We’re Launching Our Second Product: Firmex FileSend

FirmexNov 1, 2016
We’re happy to introduce our second product, Firmex FileSend, a cloud-based solution for securely transferring large documents. We have designed Firmex FileSend for financial and legal intermediaries, investment firms and corporations who struggle with sharing documents associated with financial transactions, …

Firmex VDR for Clinical Trials

Ronen SegallOct 11, 2016
Storing and sharing your clinical trial data in an easily accessible and secure online location is crucial to the development of your drug. Controlling access between multiple parties, as well as ensuring that the correct data is being presented to …

Firmex VDR for Pharma Licensing

Ronen SegallOct 7, 2016
Your team has spent years on drug discovery and development, clinical trials, and approvals. It’s now time for you to share these documents outside your company with potential partners and investors. Here is how a Firmex VDR helps your licensing process along. Reduce error Reduce …

Firmex as a Board Portal

Ronen SegallSep 26, 2016
In addition to using Firmex as an internal document repository, many of our corporate customers use Firmex to store and distribute board materials to their board members. Below are tips to running a successful board portal.   The right folder and document structure Your …
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How to Strengthen Pharma Alliances Using Firmex Virtual Data Rooms

FirmexSep 20, 2016
  About Pediapharm At Pediapharm, our mission is to improve the health and quality of children’s lives throughout Canada, and our partners in the pharma industry are critical to helping us achieve this goal. Due to the complexity of the …