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We’ve put together a collection of valuable resources and tools for M&A and dealmaking professionals. This includes our quarterly mid-market M&A reports with Mergermarket, financial models, due diligence resources, and productivity tools, as well as videos and webinars. Get the most out of these tools by subscribing for updates and new resources.

Mid-Market M&A Reports

North American M&A: The valuation gap

How big a part has a valuation gap played in stalling North American mid-market M&A? Virtual data room provider Firmex worked with Mergermarket to ask six leading experts for their take. See the results below in this edition of our quarterly report on North American mid-market M&A.

Mid-Market: North American M&A 2016 Outlook

Read an exclusive report that Firmex created in collaboration with Mergermarket on mid-market M&A projections for 2015. By polling M&A professionals from across North America, we analyze the key trends in dealmaking that will have a major impact on M&A throughout the year.

Mid-Market: The Crux of North American M&A – Q3 2015

By polling M&A professionals from across North America, we analyze the key trends in dealmaking that will have a major impact on M&A throughout the year.

Mid-Market the crux of North American M&A

Read the exclusive report created in collaboration with MergerMarket on mid-market M&A projects for 2015.

Financial modeling resources

Discounted Cash Flow Model

Fully customizable excel file to fit your needs, use it as a starting point, or as a full DCF tool, to quickly assess the value a business. Download your free DCF template today.


Acquistion/Merger Integration Model

Analyze the financial impact of a strategic acquisition by testing the viability of different forms of debt financing and predicting the returns for various groups of equity investors.

Free Leveraged Buyout Model

Fully customizable in Excel to fit your needs. Use it as a starting point, or as is, to assess how much debt your firm can take on in a deal, and what returns your investors can expect.

Due Diligence Resources

Due Diligence Checklists

Selling a company is stressful, with tight deadlines and a seemingly never-ending request for documents. A lack of preparation on the seller’s part can cause lengthy delays, causing prospective buyers to become distracted or lose confidence in the deal.


What is due diligence?

Due diligence refers to the act of investigating information relating to a person or business. It can be done on a voluntary basis, like conducting a background check on a future employee, or it can be a legal requirement in business, for example during a corporate takeover bid. In this scenario, a potential acquirer evaluates a target company and its assets prior to making an offer.

Due diligence war stories and best practices

Comprehensive due diligence is essential to any successful M&A deal, but getting it right isn’t always easy. Some of the biggest companies in the world even make mistakes. Andrew Sherman is a Partner at Jones Day, a global law firm with over 2,700 lawyers, and has seen it all! Andrew sat down with the CEO of Firmex, Joel Lessem, to discuss some best practices for ensuring a smooth due diligence process.

Tips and Tools

Five Ways A Virtual Data Room Can Prevent M&A Deals From Unraveling.

With the ubiquity of business-oriented cloud services and their use as vessels to store everything from company portfolio stances to financial data, acquisition and divestiture postures, it is no wonder that unsecured clouds have become easy targets for hackers, and why a virtual data room is more essential than ever.

How to groom your business for sale

If you’re considering selling your business, then it’s important to get started well in advance. Grooming your business for sale takes time, but the reward is feeling confident you’ll attract more qualified buyers when the time is right, and possibly get a better price.

Excel Shortcuts

Be more efficient in Excel by downloading our list of shortcuts. Includes a list of handy formulas, common financial functions, quick formatting tips, and much more!

Seven Tips for Managing Confidential Documents During M&A

All dealmaking professionals are aware of the critical importance of maintaining confidentiality during the M&A process, since a breach of information can lead to lawsuits and delay or derail a deal.

Videos and Webinars

Andrew J. Sherman: Due Diligence Best Practices and Pitfalls

LOIs and NDAs signed. Now art meets science with the legal, financial and strategic review of the business. How do you test the value proposition and identify potential risks? Select the best tools to streamline the process? And prepare for regulatory and legal compliance issues arising from legislation like FCPA? Learn what it takes to avoid pitfalls that plague even the most experienced due diligence experts.


How Your Body Language Can Help Close Deals

Hone your deal making skills. Free body language advice for deal makers.

CPD/CLE Credits

Are you a practicing lawyer looking to fulfill your Continuing Professional Development requirements? Firmex offers free CPD/CLE presentations on document security for law firms.

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